1. Is there camping/lodging near Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay?
    Camping in this area is particularly dangerous AND illegal. There are many opportunistic bears in the area. One source says that there is possible camping approximately 5 miles south of the town along the Dalton highway, but most available information states that 10 miles south of Deadhorse is the nearest place where camping may be possible. In Deadhorse you find 5 hotels, camps. A room in August will cost $160-300 USD per night.

  2. How do I arrange post-race transportation?
    There are flights available from Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay Airport (SCC) to Anchorage (ANC) and Fairbanks for $250-400 USD. According to sources, these flights are generally reliable except during inclement weather scenarios. Many of the planes are small and cargo space is limited, which means bikes may be delayed, but when asked, Alaska Airlines stated that bicycles under 23kg are welcome on flights into and out of Deadhorse. I was informed that flights are on a Boeing 737, and so cargo space may not be limited as much as expected.
    Alaska airline
    Ravn Alaska

    It may be possible to take a bus from Deadhorse to Fairbanks, though it is not recommended to plan on this being an option. It appears busses are limited in passenger space and I was unable to get a clear answer as to whether bicycles would be accepted on the bus. There is NO public transportation to or from Deadhorse, only private tour busses. Finally, a one-way ticket on a bus out of Deadhorse will cost approximately $250 USD.

    From Fairbanks to Anchorage is also a train. The Alaska Railroad runs the Denali Star Train daily leavin Fairbanks at 8:20 AM and arriving at Anchorage at 8:00 PM same day. Till Denali the train takes a different route as we cycle. More informations you get on the websites:
    Alaska Railroad

  3. What temperature range/environmental conditions should I plan for?
    The weather in Alaska is notoriously unpredictable. In Anchorage, August is typically warm (~65°F/18°C average daytime temperatures). Fairbanks will likely be similar to Anchorage. As riders travel North of Fairbanks, weather can vary from warm and humid to very cold. The wind can be particularly brutal near the Arctic Circle and further North. Temperatures in this region rarely get above 50°F/10°C and the average low temperature is 32°F/0°C in August. Plan accordingly and know that this is not the place to push the limits of your sleeping system.

Please visit the Alaska.org information page for info on the Dalton Highway here: https://www.alaska.org/guide/dalton-highway