These rules are a slightly modified version of the Trans Atlantic Bike Race ruleset.

  1. Riders must complete the full course from start to finish.
  2. Riders must be fully self-supported and not receive any private outside assistance.
  3. Drafting is prohibited. Exception registered pairs.
  4. All forward travel must be by bicycle.
  5. All riders are required to carry GPS tracker.
  6. Riders must follow the designated route.
  7. It is expected of all riders to know, respect and observe local laws.
  8. Riders must act in the spirit of adventure, speed and above all fun.
  9. If you have no front or rear light, then no riding in the dark will be permitted.
  10. No insurance, no ride. (click here if you need insurance)

The following recommendations are at the discretion of every rider:

  • Wear a helmet all time you are on the bike. (respect the laws of the country you are cycling in, see FAQ’s)
  • Make yourself visible to other road users at the night with reflective stickers on your bike and illuminating elements on your clothes ( a law of the road in France).
  • Make yourself visible to other road users at daytime with good visible clothes.