Results 2023

Start of the Alaska-Divide was 13th August 2023 / 06:20 in Anchorage.
After 1686km or 1048 miles the riders finished in Deadhorse, Prodhoe Bay at the end of the Dalton highway, the most northern road in North America.

rankingriderfinishedtime needed
1Radislav Zemandl23.08.2023 / 16:2610 days 10 hours 06min
1Daniele Modolo & Nicola B.19.08.2023 / 21:246 days 15 hours 04 min
DNFIrena Sosinskascratched at mile 666, south of Yukon river 8am on August 17th due to illness, dealing with fever and breathing problems
DQFBernarda Juricassistance from a third party