sponsor opportunities

Transbike Adventures is the organizing body behind many of the premier bikepacking events in Europe, North America, and Africa. Our events include NorthCape-Tarifa, which is considered the most challenging road cycling event in the bikepacking world. This event crosses Europe from North to South, beginning in Norway and ending in Spain. We host the Iberica-Traversa, a brutal yet beautiful gravel/mountain bike event that uses the networks of gravel roads and trails to bisect Spain from Tarifa to Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Morocco Bike-Adventure travels through the Atlas mountains and some of the most beautiful terrain in Africa; it is challenging and extraordinary. Our newest adventure is the Alaska-Divide, which will be the most remote and lonesome bikepacking event in North America. Riders will head north out of Anchorage and travel all the way to Deadhorse in the Arctic tundra.

We are seeking sponsorship opportunities with companies that share our vision for what epic adventure can do for the human spirit. This unique opportunity allows our sponsors to connect with cyclists from around the world, who compete in the new and quickly growing discipline of bikepacking.

Interested? Please contact us by email: info@transbike-adventures.com